3 Top Tips for Choosing Unique Dog Names

Owning a pet is a life-long commitment and just like any new member of a family, they need to have a good name. Here’s how to make sure you choose one of the best unique dog names.

Now that you have found the perfect dog, a breed that in with your lifestyle, here comes the tricky part: naming your new furry friend. Bearing in mind your new puppy will most likely have this name for a while, you want to make sure the unique dog names you have chosen will weather the test of time.

By now, you have probably scoured the internet for ideas on naming a new pet and are left with a long list. With so many unique dog names to choose from, it’s time to consider other factors such as repetition, rhyme and longevity to help narrow down your selection when naming a new pet.

The top three things to chew over when naming a new pet

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A name you will feel comfortable saying in public

Letting your kids choose a unique dog names can be a lot of fun, but it can also have a downside. Kids can be so creative and enthused when naming a new pet, but if the name doesn’t suit long-term it may be best to reconsider. Rainbow Sprinkles Fluffy Princess may be better suited to the pet rabbit instead.

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How many syllables

The argument against one-syllable names is that they can be confused with training commands such as ‘stay.’ On the other hand, one-syllable words are considered the easiest words for dogs to understand. Two-syllable unique dog names are ideal, but anything longer than a two-syllable names should be avoided as they are just too confusing for your dog.

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Similar sounding names

If the unique dog names you have chosen sounds similar to another family member’s name, then this in time, could be puzzling for the new dog. Another thing to consider, as you will be likely repeating this name on a regular basis, is the rhyme and rhythm of a name. If it’s fun to say, this will give the owner and their dog a positive experience and in time make it easier for the dog to respond to.

Whatever unique dog names you choose for you puppy, remember to enjoy the process. Ask for feedback from family and friends if you feel you need to. Just remember, it’s your new puppy and you will be spending the bulk of time with him/her, so make sure you are the happiest with the name. 

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