5 Signs You Should Quit Your Job

Let’s face it, the perfect job doesn’t exist so it’s normal to have a couple of bad days here and there; at times it’s almost therapeutic to vent on a boss or a co-worker. But there are times when a temporary bad mood turns into long-term discontent. Here are some unequivocal signs that it’s probably time to quit!

quit your job

  1. Psychosomatic symptoms

Have you ever had to drag yourself to work despite feeling sick only at the thought of walking into the office? And I’m not talking about the morning after a hangover or any average Monday after a great weekend…I’m talking about every single day of the week. There actually is nothing wrong with you but just the thought of work makes you feel all the symptoms in the medical encyclopaedia.

  1. Your colleagues look way more enthusiastic than you

Have you ever sat in a meeting room with a bunch of colleagues who claimed – or at least pretended better than you – to be ‘very excited’ or ‘absolutely thrilled’ about an upcoming project, asking yourself “How can they possibly be genuinely excited about this? This is so dull….|” It probably means that you are pretty bored and unsatisfied with the work you are doing.

  1. Time doesn’t fly…when you are not having fun!

Work doesn’t necessarily have to be the most exciting part of your life but it has to be pleasant enough since you are spending most of your time there. I remember the last few weeks before I resigned from my last job, I was looking at my watch – after what felt like eternity – and only 15 minutes had actually gone by. Every day felt even longer than the previous one and clearly, you are not enjoying a minute of it.

  1. Work to get to Friday

Do you remember when you started your job? You probably had plenty objectives and felt very passionate about the work you were going to do. Well, if now all you can think about is to get to Friday as quickly and pain-free as possible, then you might be ready for a change. These steps to take after a baseless job termination is essential to protect your rights as an employee. If you’re facing challenges related to workplace accidents or safety issues, seeking guidance from work accident lawyers brisbane can provide invaluable support in understanding your legal options and ensuring fair treatment.

  1. Don’t want your boss’ job

If you don’t see yourself in your boss’ position or moving up the career ladder within your company – if there still is such a thing – then you probably can’t see yourself there in the long-term. You are probably lacking motivation and you are not that engaged in what the company does.

If any of the above applies to you, it’s time to think about looking around for something different. The monthly pay check means security and stability but at times it’s not enough to make it worth your sticking to a job you can’t stand anymore. Life is too short to waste time in a place where you see no future!

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