I Improved My Dinner Game With This Secret

I’m not a natural in the kitchen. My previous cooking mishaps include burning food, forgetting to add an important ingredient, and making rice that looked like porridge. There just always seemed to be something that went wrong and my food would be barely edible.

I was pretty much out of options until someone on my team recommended I try Chefs Plate. Starting at $8.99 a serving, this meal kit was cheaper than my normal takeout. Chefs Plate seemed like best way for me to gain confidence in the kitchen, while not breaking the bank, so I decided to finally take the plunge. 

I had heard about meal kits before but wasn’t exactly sure how they worked. After looking at the Chefs Plate website, I saw how simple the whole process is. You choose between a Classic or Vegetarian plan (easy enough), and decide how many servings (2 or 4) and recipes (2-4) you want in your weekly box. Every week, I get to select new recipes to try. My favorite recipe so far is their Peanut Pad Thai. The best part is that everything is delivered to your door. You don’t need to worry about rushing home for the delivery either, as the boxes come up with ice packs that keep everything fresh until you get home. 

Before I started cooking with Chefs Plate, boiling some pasta and adding a jar of sauce was about the extent of my culinary skills. Now, cooking is so fun! It’s hard to go wrong with the simple-to-follow instructions and encouragement that are included in the box. The recipes are delicious, but only require a few simple steps with ingredients that are already measured for you. 

Most importantly, I have more time for me. No stress trying to plan what to cook, and no stress while I’m actually cooking. Chefs Plate is the best thing to happen to dinner. No more struggling to pull a meal together – everything needed is sent in the box. My meal-time life-saver!

Update: The folks at Chefs Plate are extending a special offer to our readers! Use the code EASYCOOKING50 here to get 50% off your first meal!

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