Benefits of the Silent Beacon app

Experts are repeatedly warning people that they should take adequate steps to safeguard themselves from the criminal activities of nefarious minded people. Though it may not be possible for you to completely eliminate the risks, dangers, or the threats that seem to have become all-pervasive, you should make all possible efforts to ensure safety as possible. One of the ways to ensure your safety is to use personal safety apps like the Silent Beacon.

You are likely to get so overwhelmed by the fact that there are a number of devices and apps available in the market, and you may find it difficult to make the right choice. That is the reason experts have made a comparison of Silent Beacon with other devices and apps such as “BSafe” “React Mobile Sidekick” “R.O.A.R.” “Kitestring” “Life360” “SOS Stay Safe,” and so on.

What are the findings of the comparative study conducted by these experts?

When these experts attempted to do this comparison, they were surprised, or rather amazed, by one particular aspect. The Silent Beacon device, and its app as well, beats all the other devices or apps in almost all the parameters that include device features such as connecting to smartphone, two-way communication, rechargeable battery, lost device finder, speaking into the device and set-up features such as free applications, In-App purchases, no monthly fees, using the app without the device, and the device cost.

In other words, as it did in 2018, Silent Beacon is likely to score much higher than the other devices and apps during 2019 as well. It is this invincibility that the device is an ideal choice for those who want to have utmost safety despite the threats and crimes that keep taking place everywhere.

Why should you give importance to your safety?

1. Researchers have found that people can easily get complacent in the aspect of safety. This is not good, especially in the current scenario when the number of crimes and threats that are reported has been increasing at an alarming pace. This is not even taking into consideration several crimes that do not come to light and are not reported by newspapers or news channels. This being the case, if you ignore your safety or become complacent with it, and do not use personal safety apps and devices such as Silent Beacon, you are just inviting trouble for yourself. Remember, if you compromise with your safety, the chances are high you will find yourself in an unsafe situation.

2. By ensuring safety with the help of devices like Silent Beacon, you can certainly have peace of mind. This will go a long way in enhancing your performance in whatever tasks or endeavors you undertake.

Additional features that look simple, but are of great use, are also available with Silent Beacon. Let ‘s have a look at them.

1. Silent Beacon is a near-perfect device because the makers of this device put in great effort to plug almost all the loopholes and shortcomings they have found in devices offered by other makers, including the branded ones.

2. Users can not only alert their loved ones, but can also call emergency services to get immediate help.

3. Both men and women can use the Silent Beacon. This is unlike a number of other devices that have been specifically built for the sake of benefiting only their women customers.

4. Despite these great features, Silent Beacon is offering their device at a very reasonable cost. 

It is evident that Silent Beacon smashes its opponents not just with its affordable price, but with the right features that come with it. So, get this app and ensure your safety.

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