Best Ways to get an instant energy boost

In the 21st century, the world is moving at a high pace. Time is short, to complete tasks, you are required to do more in less time, and as a result, you are physically drained out. During signs of exhaustion, you may feel a lack of energy to get up and go for the activities you love being a part of. You start losing your concentration, and your frustration level rises. Here are a few ways to get an instant energy boost:

Drinking More Water

Every body organ requires water to function at its best. Dehydration can make you feel tired, thus making your body functions to slow down. Having one or two cold glasses of water can stabilise your body, particularly after some physical activity like exercise. A lot of people confuse signs of dehydration with the signs of hunger, hence eating while their bodies need water. Liquid rich foods can also be useful. Foods such as celery, melons, tomatoes, oranges, and broths are 80-85% water.

Reducing Stress & Anxiety

Stress can consume a lot of body energy. It can leave you physically and mentally exhausted. Stress and anxiety can squeeze your energy level as a high amount of energy are wasted in combating stress and anxiety rather than utilising some useful activities. You can always plan relaxing activities in your daily routine to counter these energy killers like talking to your loved ones on the phone, getting fresh air, reading your favourite blog, going for a swim, joining yoga class, or just going for a walk.

Avoiding Alcohol Before Bed

Alcohol doesn’t offer you tight sleep; however, it can give you instant sleep. Even if you sleep continuously for eight hours, you still wouldn’t get complete rest which you think you might be getting. Not being able to get sound sleep will have its effects on the next day, you were feeling low in energy. Reducing the intake of alcohol before going to bed will guarantee you a good night’s sleep and energised day when you wake up.

Lighten your Glycemic Load

High glycemic load will give you an initial and quick burst of energy followed by a rapid drop of energy. Lightening your glycemic load will help keep your blood sugar level steady. It will allow the smooth release of fuel so your energy remains balanced throughout the day. Foods with low glycemic load include: brown rice, beans, nuts, and bran cereal, while foods with high glycemic load include: potatoes, spaghetti, white rice, sugary drinks, and juices.

To keep pace with the fast-moving world, it is recommended to try these ways to get an instant energy boost to your body.

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