How to Create the Perfect Makeup for Your Black Prom Dress?

black prom dresses

Have you still not decided what to wear at the prom party? Are you wondering how to show your style statement and add a ‘WOW’ factor to your dress? Then, go for a black gown. A black dress is a must-have apparel in every girl’s closet. Irrespective of your skin tone and figure, a dress of this timeless color can transcend your look. Moreover, this hue makes you look gorgeous and slimmer. A lot of times when you are not sure what to wear, a black is the ideal choice for you.

And as there are several shops that offer black prom dresses, getting the right one that can help you to show your best feature will not be difficult for you. To complement this dress, you will need a good makeup. Are you not sure which makeup to wear with your prom gown? To help you, here we have put together a few makeup tips that you can follow to look stunning on that special day.  

  • Go neutral

Natural makeup involves selecting neutral and earthy colors. Though this makeup goes well with every dress color, but when you team it up with a black gown, it will put the focus on your skin, and create a magic. So, when choosing earthly neutral makeup for a black dress, day time is the ideal one. However, be sure to create a smooth base for the face. Using products like a good concealer or and a sheer foundation to conceal the flaws will help to create the impression of good skin. For eye shadows, pick colors like brown, gold or reddish brown. Also, apply mascara and eyeliner. Finally, team this up with a light pink or peachy lip gloss or lipstick. It will give you a simple but stylish look.

  • Wear red makeup

The bold red lips with neutral smoky eyes are the classic combination, which looks awesome when you pair it up with a black prom gown. This is the perfect evening makeup that can transfer you into a diva. To get smooth and even-toned skin, apply a foundation of your choice. For the eyes, you can go for neutral eye shadows like bronze, gold, taupe, copper, black, grey, brown, etc. You can apply a single colours or combine two to three colours to get a dramatic look. For multiple eye shadow, use a lighter neutral shade on the eyelids, a darker on the crease and a highlighting one on the inner corners of the eyes. Never forget to finish this off with mascara and eyeliner. For lips, choose bold red or any other darker shade of red.

  • Mascara magic

Sometimes a good mascara is enough to do the desired wonder. All that you have to do is to apply a brightening subtle shade on all over your lids. Curl your lashes properly and after that dust some baby powder on your lashes. Now take your mascara and jiggle the mascara stick at the base of your top lashes. And then pull the stick through to the ends. It will add a voluminous touch to your eyelashes. Apply second coat. Now team this eye makeup look with bold and beautiful lips. Go for lipsticks in darker shades, preferably in matte finishes. Also, choose coral or rosy blush for the cheeks, as well as complementary red or pink nail polishes to round up the look.

So, girls what you are waiting for? A black dress from the collection of cheap prom dresses? Then, opt for a reputable online or offline shop, and buy the desired dress. And follow these makeup tips to look best with this dress. We are sure with all these, you will be the center of attraction of the party.

Author Bio: Liza Jones, a fashion designer and blogger on cheap prom dresses, here writes on the makeup tips that you should follow when you decide to buy one of the black prom dresses.

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