Modern and Stylish Living Room Design Ideas

Interior designing opens the door to creativity unlike any other as you can go both formal or practical with the choices. You can make it all look good, but unpractical, or you can make it look simple, but be easy to live in. That choice is yours to make, but here you will only find the doors – you have to step into the rooms yourself. Check them out:

#1 – Vivid Symphony

Not absolutely monochrome, of course, but your living room can be centred around a single colour. The numerous options with which to decorate the room are various. Turquoise Trouble, Crimson Care, Pink Plush, Black Bloom – these are all style designs you can check out and see how well they will fit in the room. Pick what should have similar colours and where the contrast should lie. How about red carpets or rugs, red cushions or sofas, and red paintings? Or maybe you’d like to emphasize on the heavy-coloured walls and contrasting furniture. A good colour scheme can go a long way to making the living room look great.

#2 – Frame that Symmetry

William Blake would be proud of anybody who achieves to “frame the fearful symmetry” of the living room. You can make the living room perfectly symmetric by placing the same objects on the same locations on both sides of the room. Have a carpet, a sofa, and a coffee table sit in the absolute middle and then build the entire room around it. Shelves on both sides, ottomans on both sides, the same cushions on the same places on both sides. This looks amazing, but it may come to be maddening if somebody touches the perfect state of the room.

#3 – Be the Minimalist

Then again, in many cases less is more. Stick to the basics and make the room simply nice to live in without emphasising on the lush factor. Furnish the room with what you need to feel comfortable and leave the rest out of the picture. You need a sofa to sit on, but you don’t need a scatter cushion to constantly move about, right? You need a coffee table to place the mugs on, but do you really need the rug which only sits under the table and is otherwise unused? This type of style focuses on the need, not on the want, so adapt and decorate.

#4 – Nook of Heaven

A lot of times the best thing about the living room is the nice solitary corner where you can draw back to and rest or do something entertaining. If you make the corners a focus of the living room, then you create many opportunities to make something that will have four different facets. You can make an entertainment corner with a TV and consoles, a reading nook with a shelf with your favourite books, a kids’ corner for the little ones, and maybe one gathering corner, with the coffee table and seats to entertain guests.

Think about these designs and act on them to see which one fits your living room best. Brainstorm away and find modifications, and the perfect decor for your room, and enjoy it until you get bored of it, then re-design and repeat. As long as you have the money, go with trial and error till you achieve the perfect setting.

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