Netflix is the way to go!

Can’t find what you want to watch on your TV? Then have no worries, Netflix can meet your needs! Marc Randolph, the founder of Netflix in 1997 has without a doubt created an inevitably gaining business of associations using tools such as this tool to make paycheck stubs. Netflix allows you to watch anything of your choice, on your demand. You can go from watching a whole TV Series from Season 1 until Season 6 or watching movie after movie at any time.

With categories like ‘Action & Adventure’ to ‘Documentaries’ & ‘Dramas’, Netflix is a definite people pleaser. For a majority of society nowadays, who are run by technology, often using their smartphones or their laptops and computers, Netflix is an extremely convenient place for this type of generation. Additionally, to pay Netflix using PayPal adds another layer of ease to the subscription process, making it even more accessible for users who prefer this payment method.

Spending lots of money on cinema tickets can be avoided when using Netflix. If you are a movie junkie, this is the perfect place for you. You can have a movie night in, simply by getting Netflix installed into your laptop or getting the free app on your smart phone.

Sign up, be prepared to always be entertained with Netflix! They also give you the option of typing in your favourite actor/actress into the search bar so you can divulge in their greatest movies. Once you have watched a couple of shows and or movies, Netflix will start putting recommendations for you on your Netflix account, allowing you to view more programmes and movies just up your street.

Now you would think, all of these great things, just how much will this cost me? It’s only £5.99 per month! When you sign up to Netflix, they enable you to do a 30 day trial of the website, if you do not like it, you can simply cancel your log in and subscription by email or telephone. However, if you are thoroughly enjoying it, you don’t have to do a thing but pay that little bit monthly and continue watching everything you want at your leisure.

Netflix is wonderful for family time also. Among the rest of their fantastic options, they have a “Children & Family Movies” tab with delightful programmes and films for young ages. If the kids are busy with school during the week, and so are the parents. Netflix provides some easy couch time for the entire family. You can set it up on your laptop and then connect your laptop to your Television or simply just have Netflix on your Television. Most Televisions nowadays already have Netflix on the television, you simply have to search for it.


I would absolutely recommend this Entertainment piece. I have now had Netflix for just under three months and it is fantastic. Especially for somebody like me, with a pretty hectic schedule and not a lot of time to really go to the cinema, it is a wonderful experience to come home or go to a friends house and know I’m set for the evening, with a bundle of my favourite films.

Sign up today & start your free month trial! Also, if you have a smart phone go onto your app store and download the free app “Netflix”.

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