Spring Clean your Make Up Bag.

Now how long has it been since you’ve even emptied your make up bag? Go on be honest with yourself. I even have to admit I have not looked through my cosmetic bag for nearly six months now- shock and horror! It’s not only an excuse to buy more makeup but cleaning out the old is for hygiene reasons as well.

Mascara- You should only keep your mascara for three months before considering buying a new one. Mascara has the shortest shelf life because it carries bacteria from the lashes and holds onto it. Now I know for those of us who pay a pretty fortune for quality mascaras, the idea of binning it after three months is absurd. We want to get every drop out of it; so my tip would be to buy disposable applicators and use for each application (They are really cheap and can be found in any good beauty store). This way you won’t be transferring bacteria back into the product, ensuring it is safe to use.

Make up sponges/brushes/ Hair brushes- Now quality brushes will last a life time, but only if you look after them! If you’ve not washed your makeup brushes or sponges, now is the time to do it. Any natural hair brushes will respond well to soap and water, and then leave them to dry naturally. This way the bristles won’t damage. Synthetic brushes can be washed in the same way. My advice with sponges is to dispose of them when they become full and buy some new ones. This way old foundation and powder won’t be transferred to you skin, clogging the pores.

Eyeliner– Your eye liner and pencils can last up to two years, but if you know you’re not getting that sharp look your looking for, it’s probably time to go out and try a new one. I find gel liners last the longest and don’t smudge throughout the day. Of course you can always save your blunt pencils for filling in brows or creating a smoky effect around the eyes.

Makeup and tools

Nail varnish- Nail polishes will last up to two years, if kept out of the sunlight and if the cap is tightened properly after each use. You will know when your varnish is getting towards the end of its life when it starts to become thick and unmanageable. A professional tip, to make a varnish last longer is to mix a little non acetone polish remover, or polish thinning liquid into the bottle. This will give the polish a smoother finish and a slightly longer shelf life. Another tip is to keep your polishes chilled- a fridge full of polishes is always a welcome sight!

Foundation- Your foundation will generally last a year to eighteen months, depending on the type of foundation. Mineral foundations will last far longer and be fine to use up to two years or more. But let’s face it, when we love a foundation and use it daily, it’s unlikely to last six months, let alone years! However, if you find a liquid or mousse foundation more than a year old, check for its texture and colour. Any discolouration or separation, throw it away; it won’t do your skin any good to apply out of date make up.

Lip stick- A long lasting lippy will have a shelf life of up to two years. However a tip to try is to apply your lipstick or gloss with a lip brush. You will get a smoother finish, avoid the spread of bacteria, and also use less.

Let me know how you get on with spring cleaning your make up bag, I’ll be glad to share the stories of what you have found! And remember, you always have the excuse to buy more!

Until the next time- Happy beautifying!


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