How I Started Cooking Delicious, Affordable Meals at Home

I loved cooking but with time this feels more and more like a chore. I work in a busy office, so it’s already hard at the best of times, and recently it’s been insane with endless overtime. So, the last thing I want to do is spend my free time on planning meals, shopping or cooking for hours. Kevin, my boyfriend, is pretty much the same, so we definitely let things slip. Delivery and many dinner dates out, and a freezer filled with microwavable meals – not ideal.

They say you are what you eat, and we could both feel the effects. And not only health-wise – we were also spending way too much. I was out with a friend, complaining about our predicament, and she told me about Chefs Plate. She was singing its praises: “The meals are really tasty (and balanced!),” she said, “It’s all delivered to your house, and it’s really affordable too.”

After a long week at work, as I heated up yet another unappealing ready meal in the microwave, I remembered what my friend had said, and decided to give it a go – anything had to be better than our current situation!

I went onto the website and had a look at a few of the recipes. They sounded yummy and I was impressed by the mix. I signed up, selected my recipes, chose a delivery slot and ordered my first box. Best part for me was the price – for a two-person box (which is three meals each), it’s just $9.99 per serving. That was significantly less than our normal takeaway meal!

When I received my first box, I was actually excited about dinner for the first time in weeks. As promised, in thirty minutes our first Chefs Plate dinner was ready. My boyfriend and I sat down together at the table, eager to tuck in – the Spaghetti Bolognese with a Herby Cheese Crumble looked and smelled fantastic!

The rest of the recipes were equally straightforward, and we were really impressed by the quality and taste. We loved the variety and flexibility – every meal was different from the last, and as we only had three meals, Kevin and I could still be spontaneous without feeling tied to the box. We really noticed the difference in our spending, and we feel a lot better, now that we’re eating well again.
Kevin and I were really looking for a new solution to improve our dinner situation, and I’m grateful our friend suggested Chefs Plate. After using it for a few weeks, I can confidently say dinners are simpler, and more hassle-free. I will definitely be continuing with my subscription.

Update: Chefs Plate is giving all of our readers 50% off their first box. Use code LIFESTYLEREVIEWER1 or follow link here.

This post contains a sponsored offer from Chefs Plate.