Why I switched to Wild: The new vegan & plastic free Natural Deodorant!

Have you ever stopped to think about what you’re actually spraying under your arms every morning in the name of smelling good? It might make you smell a million dollars, but your supermarket antiperspirant might just have a dark side hiding behind that luscious scent. From aluminium salts that block your pores, to sneaky animal derived ingredients or cruel animal testing, the further you delve into the hidden side of antiperspirants, the more you realise that we should all be switching to a natural deodorant. Luckily, Wild, a new company from London has provided us with an amazing solution.

The lovely team at Wild have given me a 10% referral code to share. Click here and use my code ‘Sarah‘ at checkout to get a 10% discount.

Vegan Deodorant
Wild is a vegan, plastic free natural deodorant that looks AMAZING! This is my coral case (there’s four colours to choose from).

Before I started my transition to natural deodorant all sorts of unappealing solutions went through my head. Whilst I found a list of options that were a step too far (including turning my kitchen into what felt like a deodorant factory), I was excited to discover Wild. A no-nonsense convenient and sustainable natural alternative to your usual supermarket choice of antiperspirant. Finally we don’t have to slather our underarms with weird substances or wet a crystal, which is so exciting as it hopefully means lots of people will consider it as the convenient option. I was one of their first adopters, signing up on their presale. They sold-out of stock within a few days of going live (that was April and since then 100,000 armpits now use Wild) but luckily I got on subscription and have been receiving the refills through the post.

The lovely team at Wild have given me a 10% referral code to share. Click here and use my code ‘Sarah‘ at checkout to get a 10% discount.

Vegan Natural Deodorant
They currently have 5 cruelty free and 100% natural scents to choose from – Orange Zest & Coconut Dreams are too of my favourites – they smell literally just like the real thing.

Wild is on a mission to ‘shake up the throwaway culture of everyday bathroom products’ with their reusable deodorant applicator, which you use with their plastic-free deodorant refills, meaning it’s good for you and the planet. Their deodorant combines a mix of powerful and nourishing natural ingredients to create a highly effective product, which also smells divine (bonus!). They’ve released a range of 5 scents inspired by nature so there’s something to suit everyone, including my personal favourite Coconut Dreams which literally transports me to a beach every morning.

The idea of moving from an antiperspirant you know and trust to a natural deodorant can often be daunting, but Wild’s 1000+ rave reviews (they are rated 5/5 on TrustPilot) instantly put me at ease… I wanted to know what I was missing out on! Being a deodorant means that Wild doesn’t have any nasty aluminium salts in it and it’s suitable for vegans too – importantly there is NO animal cruelty or testing involved. They’ve made every effort to ensure they are protecting both animals and the environment by making this product – something I really love about them. Wild teaches you to embrace sweating, as it works its magic to absorb moisture and still keep you smelling fresh all day. Our bodies naturally sweat to help keep us cool so it’s time to unblock those pores and allow our bodies to function naturally, without the fear of the dreaded BO that comes from not using effective deodorant. 

The lovely team at Wild have given me a 10% referral code to share. Click here and use my code ‘Sarah‘ at checkout to get a 10% discount.

Vegan Deodorant
The case comes apart and you can reload it with your biodegradable, plastic free refills. There is ZERO waste with Wild (and they’re a carbon positive company planting thousands of trees!).

Speaking to others about their experience of switching to Wild deodorant, after the initial transition period, most noted they actually sweat less than before when they had to constantly apply antiperspirant for fear of losing friends. From our incredible NHS workers, to those who love to hit a sweaty workout class, Wild seems to really have hit the nail on the head for everyone to bring back confidence in deodorant whatever the day has in store.

Often when trying to find vegan alternatives to products it seems like you just have to put up with one scent, but Wild has 5 different options to choose from. Meaning you finally have the opposite problem…which scent is your favourite?!  As they aren’t synthetic they’re also gentle on the skin and don’t overpower sensitive noses. From something more spicy like Bergamot Rituals to Rose Blush for the floral fans out there, you’ll find yourself switching refills just to make a decision about which one gets the top spot.

The lovely team at Wild have given me a 10% referral code to share. Click here and use my code ‘Sarah‘ at checkout to get a 10% discount.

Cruelty free Natural Deodorant
Another thing I love about Wild is that they’ve actually taken time to design something beautiful that I want to display in my bedroom/bathroom. It looks amazing unlike a lot of the other alternatives which become gross looking over time or are filled with plastic.

Whilst we’ve become accustomed to blocking our pores with antiperspirants, studies also suggest we’ve been contributing to greenhouse gases too by spraying our underarms everyday. Not to mention the amount of packaging that ends up in landfill. What I love about using Wild is that I know there’s nothing going to landfill, but they also offset any carbon emission with the charity ‘On A Mission’ and announced on their social networks the other day that they’ve planted over 6000 trees with the help of people buying from them. This literally makes me so happy as I genuinely feel it’s a win-win for my underarms and the planet!

The deodorant world has come a long way since my search began and Wild definitely comes out on top in my opinion. I can finally say that I’ve switched to natural deodorant confidently to my friends without worrying about them politely telling me I’ve been stinking for the past 6 months. The best part is I never have to worry about running out of my precious Wild refills either, as the flexible subscription means they’re delivered straight to my door when I need them. They’ve given me a referral code to share with friends / readers so you can join the deodorant revolution today – you’ll thank me later!

The lovely team at Wild have given me a 10% referral code to share. Click here and use my code ‘Sarah‘ at checkout to get a 10% discount.

Cruelty free deodorant
This was taken after a shower beside my baby cactus – I highly recommend Wild, it’s not only the best natural deodorant I’ve ever used but also the most effective deodorant of any kind – I love it!
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