11 Amazing Bachelor Party Ideas That You Will Love

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So now, your best friend has managed to convince his girl’s family and they might level up their status from “Going Around” to “Hitched”. Time for planning the bachelor party, Eh! Right? Old ways of celebrating a bachelor party have always been about booze or maybe a strip club [Yawns with watery eyes] but, you can definitely do better.

Without undermining the commonest of party themes, lap dances and booze, here are 11 bachelor party ideas to enliven your soul, soothe the stressed mind and strengthen the bond you guys share. Mix these up with your favorite ideas and enjoy the moment to the fullest

1. Camping

Setting the right contrast to the idea of the mad wedding planning, Camping is one activity that enlivens the soul and calms the mind. As you take a swig, eat the grilled veggies or chicken and share some laughs, you will also discover a lighter side of Mother Nature and peace that dwells within her wrap. These camp trips are mostly planned on mountains or in the wilderness, so sit back, embrace your hearts and make memories in nature’s wrap.

2. Golfing

Ask the groom if he likes the sport or not, else it will be a failed attempt and everyone will feel rote spending time on this. Often regarded as the game loved by royal people, Golfing is a great way to expend some energy, move your body, and share moments with your friends and the potential groom, specifically. Make sure that no one says yes out of some obligations as this sport might not appeal to everyone. For everything else, Golfing is a great idea.

3. Road Trips

A road trip to a quirky place that re-kindles the child in your hearts and brings smiles on the faces is just so precious. Isn’t it? It is time to gang up, pool in some bucks, fix a car or rent one, and hop on it for the best ride of the lifetime. You can play some music along the way, crack jokes amongst each other, get down at mid-ways for quick refreshment and build a path to newer memories and happiness.

4. Video Games

Sometimes not going anywhere and doing things you love is all that is required. Playing videos game is one such love and obsession that men love but lose it amidst stress and fast-paced life. So, what are you waiting for? Make plans and come together to play popular games or simply ask your gang to come online and play virtually. Technology has brought people together and playing video games in all sorts of environment is no less than a blessing.

5. Water Sports

You do not have to be an expert windsurfer, or a trained rafter to ride the waves and enjoy the moment. All you need is the mutual desire to wait for the wind to take over, hit the beach with friends, and ignite the dormant adventurer in your hearts. Nowadays, a number of travel management companies are coming up with wellness retreats including water sports as a bonus or separate vacation packages for adrenaline junkies.

6. Sky Sports

Eye-popping prices, fear, and lack of time are some of the reasons why some men kill their ultimate desire to sky dive and challenge their guts. However, time never stops for anyone and wasting it on thinking negatively is a total loss. Come together and take the groom-to-be on this ultimate adventure where not only him but everyone can enjoy, scream in happiness, and spend some money to buy joys in life. Destinations like Costa Rica, Hawaii, and Honululu are some of the popular ones.

7. Retreats

It is time to ditch the same old weekend beer parties for good. Retreats at a far-flung place with your man gang can be equally fun and uplifting. Imagine attending a yoga retreat on a quiet beach in Costa Rica or a detox program somewhere in Phuket. You can also have a peaceful bonding moment together on a spiritual retreat where you dive deep into the thoughts of love and appreciation for each other. Sometimes, all you need is some serenity to deepen the mutual bond.

8. Flee to Chic Destinations

Not all destinations rev up the youth factor in you and stir-up crazy emotions in your hearts.Visit destinations like Mexico (the real one), Thailand, Bali, or even Goa in India for the gratified experience. These places have the perfect blend of peace and some loud music at a bar, all kinds of foods, country views and urban city life and much more. You can be chilling on the beach at one time and then head on to the wilderness for some nighttime adventure. Different cultures and people will be a good experience as well.

9. Rent a House or Cottage

You can rent a beach house or a cottage in the woods and live the moment of your wild imaginations. This is one of the many bachelor party ideas that the whole gang will love. There will be no distractions, cacophony or stress in any shape and form.You are free to either cook something in the rented kitchen or simply grill some veggies under the blue sky. The old-school type of vibe is enough to let the groom enjoy the time of his life.

10. Food Festivals

Browse online and you will be surprised to know about the variety of food festivals happening all over the world. Mexican tacos served in Japan, Sushi in California and AlooParanthas in Nepal, you will get a chance to experience cuisines and flavors from all over the world and that too at a different location. This is the beauty of Food Festivals- food served elsewhere than its own native country and a lot of delightful changes done to it to meet a certain demand. Go on this adventure and satiate your taste buds for good.

11. Whiskey Taste-Tests

Little overpriced but it’s the bachelor party, so splurge this one last time. It is time to raise the one last toast to friendship and singlehood. Whiskey tasting is a popular activity taken up youths and a number of girls and men gang. All you have to do is book a certain section of the bar, bring your friends along and take shots of the favorite whiskey, exotic ones, and even the Whiskey brands from all over the world.

Say goodbye to your anxiety thinking about a quirky idea and plan this bachelor party with a new sense of happiness and zing.

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