Learn the advantages of wearing Sclera contact lenses

A shift towards eye care particularly the use of contact lenses, in the modern-day is highly noticeable. Contact lenses give you freedom from glasses, perfect for that special occasion or for those with an active lifestyle, you just pop them into your eyes, and within seconds suddenly the world seems such a beautiful place!

Black Sclera Contact Lenses

With the advancement in the technological development of soft lenses, contact lenses have never been more comfortable to use. One such lens that has become the talk of the town is the Sclera Contact Lens especially black sclera contact lenses.

What is a Sclera lens? Why is it becoming popular?

Lenses that not only cover the cornea but also extend to cover a large part of the sclera, which you might recognize as the white part of the eye is basically known as sclera lenses. These are large-diameter rigid gas permeable contact lenses typically 15 to 23 mm in diameter which improves the optical performance by correcting the ocular aberrations and increasing lens comfort.

One of the prime reasons why you might prefer sclera is how these lenses reduce discomfort by spreading around the eye, protecting the cornea of your eye that is filled with thousands of nerve fibers that make it very sensitive to the environment.

History of the Sclera lens: A technological breakthrough in the eye care world?

Surprisingly, the very first contact lenses ever developed in the late 1800s were scleral contact lenses. Yet, they lacked behind just because of the unavailability of materials. Back in the day, it was also difficult to design the perfect curvature needed to fit the cornea precisely, because the kind of high-end technology used today wasn’t available and those lenses were made by glass and plastic only.

Modern materials introduced 100 years after the first pioneering trials transformed clinical practice and manufacturing methods. New clinical thinking has been applied to scleral lens practice, and there are major developments were made, and are still in progress which makes the sclera lens what you use, today.

Benefits of Sclera contact lenses:

There are a number of advantages of using Sclera contact-lenses and hence we have prepared a list for you!

  • Due to their size, Sclera lenses are more stable on the eye, so they are less likely to accidentally dislodge from the eye. This stability can also make them more comfortable to wear. Scleral lenses provide initial comfort especially for sensitive eyes or irregularly shaped corneas.

  • As they cover most of the eye, Sclera contact lenses give a vision that is more regular. You might feel very little or no disruption in your vision.

  • Reduced glare and starburst: Scleral lenses have very large optic zones that stay centered over the pupil allowing you optics without flare and glare. The larger optical zone is beneficial to everyone, but especially if you experience flare and glare at night when the pupils dilate.

  • Peripheral Vision: Sclera contact lenses provide extensive and better fringe vision compared to glasses. They move alongside your eyes and you are continually looking through the optic zone, without creating a blurred or smudged image.

  • A cushion between lens and cornea: a scleral lens does not sit directly on the cornea itself, a tear fluid reservoir is created underneath the lens. So your cornea remains protected due to this reservoir.

  • Eye candy for events: of many advantages, you might also find sclera lenses very attractive to see, black sclera contact lenses are one of such. It covers the whole eye with black and you might give off a possessed look. Ideal to go with your Halloween costume.

  • Stability: Scleral lenses are very stable on the eye offering you consistent and stable optics. The lens is unlikely to decenter from the eye. This provides many benefits for not only your everyday contact lens wear but especially if you are active on the go contact lens wearer.

  • Made to last: Scleral lenses are typically long-lasting, as they are constructed from durable, quality materials. Therefore you’ll receive maximum value from these lenses.

  • User-friendly: Scleral lenses are much larger than regular contact lenses, which can make insertion and removal easier and it reduces the risk of you accidentally causing damage to your cornea. In general, your chances of complications from scleral lenses are significantly less.

  • Unaffected by Weather: Sclera lenses don’t haze up when you get away from foreboding realities, and they don’t get splattered by the downpour.

  • More visual coverage: Due to their size and extra-wide optic zones, scleral lenses enable precise peripheral vision, and they reduce your sensitivity to light. They are suitable for a broad range of vision prescriptions, including astigmatism, as long as they are fit by a qualified and experienced eye doctor.

  • Aids in visual complications: Using sclera contact lenses, you might help yourself with conditions such as keratoconus or pellucid marginal degeneration, causing the cornea to become highly irregular and sometimes very steep.

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