5 Important Rules for Gym Junkies

Irrespective as to whether fit people live for a longer time, majority of gym junkies still fall short of the recommended fitness levels. Additionally, there are several rules and guidelines, which must be followed or observed during workout sessions. Here is a breakdown of the five most important rules that a gym junkie should follow:

1. You Should Never Protein-Load Before A Work Out

Research has shown that too much protein-load before a workout normally elevates the body’s temperature, thus making you feel hotter. It is highly advisable to save that protein bar until the end of the workout session, when it will assist you in rebuilding your muscles. Additionally, you should also cool off your insides with a cool drink. Research has also shown that lowering one’s body’s overall temperature during and before exercises will assist them in performing much better.

2. You Should Never Swim With A Naked Face

Majority of the freestyle swimmers will assume that due to the fact that their heads are normally halfway under water, then they do not require sunscreen on the face. This is indeed one of the many summer sunscreen mistakes that most gym junkies normally make. According to certified dermatologist, Monica Scheel, who treats lots of athletes, the sun’s rays normally bounces off the ground or water and then penetrates the skin, on both sides of the face, thus making you prone to sun damage. For swimmers, you should always apply a sunscreen, which will not leave an oily white cloud on the surface of the water. However, you should always be aware of products, which claim to be waterproof.

Thus, due to the fact that a majority of gym junkies are unable to entirely avoid the sun during specific times of the day, it is highly advisable to always have your sunscreen on at all times especially when working out outdoors. So as to efficiently acclimatise in hot weather, athletes should be able to train intensely during the hot parts of the day, thus making use of sunscreen at all times. When working out we need to lessen our risk while at the same time maximizing our performance. It is very important to note that sunscreen does not in any way affect your performance, as a matter of fact it can improve your performance by keeping you cooler and also protecting you against burns.

Swimming with a naked face can also damage your ears, if water gets into your ear canal and stays there after swimming it can cause a bacterial infection. It can also damage your hair, since swimming pool water contains chlorine ,the chlorine strips natural oils from the hair, hence one gets split ends. Therefore one is advised to rinse the hair before swimming with clean water since wet hair is less likely to absorb chlorine. Swimming with a naked face can also bring about an itchy skin, you are therefore required to wet your skin with fresh water before swimming and rinse your skin with fresh water and soap after swimming.

3. Never Ignore The Sluggish Feeling

Whenever during a workout you start feeling sluggish, as if you are wadding through a swamp, that could be a sign of heat exhaustion. During heat exhaustion, your internal body temperature will go on the fritz and your body will no longer be able to cool itself down. Symptoms of heat exhaustion normally vary, however the early signs normally include profuse sweating, muscle weakness, clammy skin, accelerated heartbeat and dizziness. Thus, it is very important to always give your body ample time to adjust during the summer.

4. Workout In Intervals

When the temperatures begin to rise, you should reduce the intensity of your workouts significantly, i.e. perform fewer intervals or alternatively save your intensity workout for another day whether at the gym or in a court practicing a sport as these places can have great floors to play or train thanks to services from https://sportshallflooring.co.uk/blog/. Pushing your body through heat exhaustion may lead to a life-threatening heatstroke. If the symptoms will persist, then you should head for an air-conditioned airspace or shade. Additionally, you should also replace fluids lost by drinking water. You can also take a day off from the normal workout routine, and if you’re planning on getting gym equipment for this, you should go to sites like https://gymequipmentupholstery.co.uk/ to find the right resources .

5. Never Race In Thin Air

You should desist from racing especially during the first few days in the mountain. Jogging in high-elevated cities may lead to altitude sickness, especially for an individual whose main form of exercise is playing social games such as table tennis. Whenever you get above 6,000 feet your body may have difficult time adjusting to the sudden change in air pressure and temperature, which in turn will lead to flu-like symptoms such as shortness of breath, dizziness, headaches, nausea, confusion and extreme fatigue.

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