7 natural ways to get rid of loose skin

Yes, you have finally lost that excess weight that you have wanted to get rid of! Yes, it’s time to celebrate! After all, you can now wear the clothes you have always wanted to wear and look amazing in them!

Just when you think that things are finally falling into place, you take off your clothes and lo and behold; you see loose skin as a by-product of your weight loss. So your next mission is to find a way to tighten that loose skin. But can you do that without any surgeries involved? Yes, of course, you can! In fact, here are some natural remedies for tightening loose skin:

1. Try resistance training

One of the best ways on how to tighten loose skin is to increase your muscle size. The bigger your muscle will get, the more filled your loose skin will be, making it as tight and firm as possible. To maximize muscle growth, engaging in various physical activities is the best method to try. One of the best exercises that you can try is resistance or weight lifting training. When choosing which program to choose, it is recommended that you target the major muscle groups in your problem areas. If you have sagging skin on the legs, make sure to try out exercises that target the thigh muscles and hamstrings.

To make the most out of this program, it is recommended that you perform 2 to 3 sets with 10 to 15 repetitions of the exercises that you have chosen.

2. Take collagen supplements

Collagen hydrolysate is one supplement that you can take to make loose skin tighter and firmer. This supplement can help provide the skin the collagen it needs to bring back its elasticity so that it will be as firmer as ever. This supplement is known in the market as hydrolyzed collagen and is available in powdered or liquid form. You can purchase these from the beauty or natural food stores in various malls nationwide or you can also buy it at an Online Store.

3. Enjoy a high protein diet

Aside from regular exercise, you should take diet into consideration when tightening loose skin. If you wish to find a way on how to tighten loose skin, it is recommended that you eat more protein. According to studies, protein can help skin moisturized and elastic as possible. In addition to making skin tighter, eating more protein also offers other health benefits like fat loss, more muscle, full feeling and better muscle development even as you age.

4. Do belly toning exercises

Aside from strength training exercises, another type of exercise that you should do are belly toning exercises. Aside from helping you build muscle, this type of exercise can help tone the skin. Some of the belly toning exercises that you can try are air bike, legs up straight arm crunch, side bridge, pelvic thrusts and lying leg raises. Keep in mind that these exercises may take the time to take effect but be patient about it—your hard work will eventually pay off.

5. Stay hydrated

Hydration is the number one solution for loose skin. The more water you consume, the more elastic your skin will be and the less loose it will be. To ensure that your skin will get the hydration it needs, you must drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

6. Scrub it up

Having a body scrub is one of the most relaxing ways on how to tighten loose skin. Through scrubbing, the blood flow to certain areas of your body is boosted, making skin look as supple and firm as possible. The best types of the body scrub that you can try include sea salt and mineral scrubs. Enjoy a body scrub two times a day so you can achieve the best results.

7. Do yoga

Another useful exercise against the loose skin is yoga. This ancient practice has long been used not just to lose weight or improve posture but can also improve your overall health. There are plenty of yoga postures that can help you not just lose weight but to also tone the body and ultimately, make the skin firmer.

At first, it may seem like you have to shell out thousands of dollars just to get rid of loose skin but the truth is, there are plenty of natural ways on how you can do that. Follow these all-natural treatments that we have mentioned above, and you can finally fully embrace the beautiful results of your weight loss journey, without any sagging skin to think of!

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