Be A Pro Chef With These 8 Baking Tips, Tricks and Hacks

Are you looking for some expert tips that will turn you into a professional chef? Then you have landed on the correct platform, pal. We all want to excel in every field, right? Especially when it comes to excelling in culinary arts, then gathering as many recipes wouldn’t be enough. You can order cakes whenever you feel like eating one, and that’s cool, however, if you yourself become a pro chef, how awesome it would be, right? You also need some pro tips that would designate you as a professional chef.

Here are some helpful baking tips that would enhance your baking skills. Also, we have clutched some enticing recipes to get you started. 

Tip 1: Before cutting and frosting the cake, ensure the cake has completely cooled down. 

Did you know that if you frost a warm cake with cold frosting, it will turn your delicious cake into a disaster in no second? Even if you frost a slighted warm cake, even then it will melt the frosting of the cake. Secondly, do not cut the cake if it is warm, it will dry out the moisture from the cake. In both cases, you need to be patient enough and wait for the cake until it acquires the room temperature.

Tip 2: Toss the sprinkles in the flour before mixing them into the batter when making a funfetti cake. 

So, adding the sprinkles into the flour before pouring them into the batter will prevent the sprinkles from sinking, rather, it will help them float in the batter. Just keep their even distribution in mind. 

Tip 3: Give your cake a totally professional finishing by cutting the top layer of the cake:

Usually, a cake comes domed or slighted tilted from the oven. So, when you cut the top layer or even if you trim the layers, it will give your cake an evenly flat look. It can be done by using a serrated knife. If you ignore the domed cake because you are too lazy to trim the layers, then your cake might get tilted or leaned.

Tip 4: It is essential to grease the pan with parchment paper and butter:

It would be a complete waste of time if you don’t plan to prep your pan and bake the cake without it. How would you feel when you are eagerly waiting for the cake but it turns out to be half burnt and does not get easily removed from the pan? I cannot even imagine the dreadful sight of it. However, if you grease your pan properly with butter and parchment paper, it will help your cake to slip through the pan easily and smoothly.

Tip 5: Use Ganache or caramel icing instead of buttercream if frosting haunts you: 

Honestly speaking, frosting a cake with buttercream is a nightmare for me. It intimidates me. So, I prefer frosting a cake with ganache and caramel icing since they hide the imperfections quite perfectly and also do not require professional frosting at all. If you have just gotten into baking then it is the correct way to boost your confidence since it will give your cake a professional look. You can make whipped cream at home with the best 24/7 nang delivery in Melbourne

Tip 6: Befriend a toothpick whenever bake a cake (This tip is less like a tip and more like a blessing, know-how)

See, baking a perfect cake is a game of time. If you want a perfectly moist yet dry cake at the same time, you need to become a master at the time required to achieve this cake. So, this toothpick game is quite easy. Place the cake in the middle of the cake and if the toothpick comes out clean, then your cake is good to go. 

Tip 7: Why go for frosting the whole cake? Keep the cake elegant with naked layer technique!!

Naked layer cakes are those cakes that are only frosted on the sidewalls of the cake. Surprisingly, even if they are half frosted, the look elegant and gorgeous. It will help you make the cake look neat and people will definitely consider you a pastry chef. 

Tip 8: While using coconut oil in the making of a vegan cake, use refined cake to avoid the pungent flavour of the oil. 

Generally, vegan cake recipes call for coconut oil as one of their major ingredients, replacing the oil and butter from the recipe. So, it is advisable to use refined coconut oil and avoid using virgin oil. This will give a mild flavor to the cake making it less prone to become a coconut smelling cake.  

So, these tips are lesser-known facts about cakes but hold great importance in the world of cakes.

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