Nutritious Meals That Kids Will Ask For On Repeat

My kids are such fussy eaters! I really struggle to get them to try new things, especially strong tastes or flavoursome dishes. As for vegetables, that just feels like a daily struggle. Plus, my kids regularly complain that they are bored of eating the same old meals every night. I’d love to try and serve them new and exciting dishes, although I can never find the time to research new recipes and don’t want to risk the kids not finishing their meals. What I really want is to make dinner time simple at my house, I want to be able to cook new exciting meals that they’ll actually enjoy and that don’t involve me spending hours in the kitchen.

A fellow parents recently recommended HelloFresh, and I decided, why not give it a try? We had heard about meal kits previously, but weren’t sure exactly how they worked. After looking at the HelloFresh website, I saw how simple the whole process is. You can choose between a family, classic or veggie box, and on the classic box you can even choose between recipes each week to tailor your dinners to suit your family tastes!

I’m so glad I got on board. After I’d picked up the boys from school, we came home to find the big box on our doorstep, the boys immediately wanted to know what was in it. They were intrigued by the meal kit bags which have all of the ingredients in them, and are colour-coded to match each meal. They instantly wanted to help pick which coloured meal kit bag to cook and we decided to make Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas for our first meal. The kids even helped out in the kitchen, and had fun! 

At first I chose the recipes I knew they would like, but now that we’ve been using HelloFresh for a little while the kids have become a lot more adventurous with their recipe choices. That’s what I love about HelloFresh, as well as not having to plan out the meals, and go grocery shopping, you just get to pick from a choice of recipes. Plus, they’re so delicious and easy to make, even the kids have started to help out in the kitchen more.

I’ve always had this dream of my family cooking together, but it just wasn’t happening and our meals had become tired and uninspired. Now that we use HelloFresh, the kids are excited to cook ‘their’ recipes, and have learnt so many great cooking skills. Having HelloFresh has helped bring us all together, and instead of stressing about what’s for dinner, now we have time to chat and unwind whilst preparing our meals. We even sit down and enjoy our dinners as a family, too. What’s more, we’ve noticed that the more the kids help to cook, the more willing they are to eat everything on their plate.

HelloFresh is the best thing to happen to dinner in my household, I can’t recommend this service enough. No more struggling to pull a meal together – everything we need from easy recipes and fresh ingredients are all delivered to the door, even the kids approve!

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