Choosing the Right Bridesmaid Dress to Suit Your Bridesmaids’ Body Type

After discussing with your girls you have decided to buy gold sequin bridesmaid gowns for your bridal crew. It will go with the bridal theme and complement your wedding gown. Well, it is a wise decision. It will not only help them make the shimmery statement but also make them feel glamorous, elevated, and completely unique. These gowns will be the perfect addition to your wedding day dream.

But only choosing the colour and fabric is not enough. You also have to decide the right kind of dress that suit your girls’ body type. Here’s a few tips on how to do this: 

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Rectangle Shape

This type of body shape is often described as appearing “athletic” as the hips and waist are around the same size. The secret to dressing this body type is a flattering way is to focus on defining the waist. Incorporating a ribbon or sash to the gold sequin bridesmaids’ dresses is a fabulous way to create a cinching effect on the waist. To include more volume to your girl’s upper half, opt for a dress with either an off the shoulder, U-shape or boat neckline.

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Apple Shape

If some of your girls carry most of their weight up top and their waists are wider than their shoulders and hips, then they have an apple-shaped body. This body type looks awesome when the lower body is crammed out by a bit of extra material. Wrap and empire cut dresses are safe options that help to create the perfect silhouette. It’s better to stay away from strapless dresses for apple-shaped bodies as they tend to need some extra support. Instead, one can go for a crossover neckline or scoop-neck, both of which are supportive and flattering.

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Pear Shape

Pear-shaped bridesmaids have petite upper bodies and hold most of their weight on their hips and thighs. A-line dresses would be perfect for a pear shape girl because this style of dress doesn’t put in any extra volume to their bottom half. In terms of the top half of the dress, it is ideal to opt for either a V-neck or a halter neck. V-neck tops extend the neck and accentuate the waist while halter tops draw attention to frail arms and shoulders.

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Inverted Triangle Shape

Girls with shoulders that are wider than their hips are considered as an inverted triangle shape. Generally, the upper half of the girls will be slightly larger than her lower half and she’ll have lovely, lean legs. The most flattering neckline for the girls with this shape is a deep V-neck as it poises out broad shoulders and forms the illusion of a longer neck. The bottom half of this type of gold sequin bridesmaids gowns should be a bit more voluminous to dole out her proportions more uniformly. As this body type is famous for having great legs, don’t rule out letting your bridesmaids choose short dresses.

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Hourglass Shape

Girls with this shape tend to have shoulders and hips that are around the same size and a well-defined waist. V-neck, one shoulder, and sweetheart necklines all work well on an hourglass-shaped body. Based on personal preference, girls with this shape can sway either a structured or loose-fitting dress. All that really matters the most is that you accentuate your bridesmaids’ best asset – the waist.

Using these guidelines will help you to pick perfect gold sequin bridesmaid dresses for your girls that will give them a ravishing look. So, now, opt for a bridal store that offers gold sequin dresses along with chiffon bridesmaid dresses and start your shopping now!

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