Finally! Good, affordable meals for my family!

I have been in a cooking rut for a while. I realized this when I went to the grocery store to pick up my same-old, same-old grocery list, waited in line, got to the cash and saw that the total bill had risen AGAIN. We’ve all seen on the news how grocery prices have been rising, but then I heard someone talking about meal kits as a way to budget meals at a fixed cost, so I decided to give one a go. Chefs Plate was the best option for me.

It’s affordable.

At $8.99 per meal, it’s comparable to groceries, but (unlike groceries) way better because they’re delivered to my door. Plus, the recipes are easy to make and more yummy. Fuss-free meals? $8.99 is well worth it to me. Sign me up!

It’s easy.

I understood the website, it was easy to order, and the recipes were friendly to my family’s taste buds. When our first box arrived, my daughter helped me unpack it, it was like a present for both of us! There were a few bags, 1 bag = 1 meal kit. Inside each bag are all the ingredients you need for one recipe. Many of the ingredients are already measured out for you as well, so all you have to do is mix it all together (with flare of course). Originally, I was just excited to try something new, but was even more happy about how fast it was to make (about 30 minutes to complete a recipe with chicken, potatoes, and a salad). The instructions were easy to follow and my daughter even helped on some of the steps, like washing the veggies or adding the spices.

It’s convenient.

I never would have thought that this was an option for us and at first the concept seemed a little extravagant. But we’ve found a really great routine with Chefs Plate. Our dinners are planned out for the week and everyone can have a say in what meals we get. Most importantly, I’m not stuck in commuter traffic trying to race to the grocery store to grab last minute things to whip of a random dinner. I’m not wasting time, humming and hawing or googling recipes in the vegetable aisle. Instead, I’m getting home with everything ready to get started. If you do the math, it saves you A TON of time. That alone is worth every single penny.

Now we’re cooking! My rut has been broken and we’re getting boxes every week. Chefs Plate has been a dinnertime hero and my family is happily fed! I highly recommend, especially for those busy weeks where you don’t even know which way is up.

Update: The folks at Chefs Plate are extending a special offer to our readers! Use the code EASYCOOKING50 here to get 50% off your first meal!

This post contains a sponsored offer from Chefs Plate.

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