Go Nude But Better With Nudestix Holiday Kit


Nudestix are a Canadian brand created by Jenny Frankel – the brains behind MAC Lip Glass – fronted by her adorable teenage model daughters Ally and Taylor.

nudestix holiday kit

This tin is only around 1 x 4 in size

Their mission is pretty much to bring sexy back in a simple and effortless way, minimalistic with multi-tasking smudgable, easy-to-use makeup crayons enriched with skin-saving vitamins and antioxidants, that suit every skin-tone.


I bought the Nudestix #gonude Holiday Kit, a stylish, artistic inspired black compact tin with a mirror inside the lid and a bonus sharpener to fit the pencils. The kit includes 3 lip & cheek shades: Whisper, Blush and Mystic. You can buy them here in the UK 😉


Top to bottom: Whisper | Blush | Mystic


You can even see the creaminess in the swatches and they glide on like butter!

Well, where do I begin. I’m usually not lost for words, but these have sent my heart into a nostalgic flutter, never has going nude looked and felt so good. People are so used to seeing me wearing bright lippie, they probably don’t realise that my first true makeup love has always been fleshy nudes.

IMG_5628.JPG nudestix

These are everything I hoped they would be. They are identical to the discontinued ‘Vanilla Sticks‘ from the original Body Shop in the 90’s and early 2000’s – except without the vanilla scent. Yep, I gave them a whiff as soon as I took the lids off! I have a feeling that other brands will be copying these pretty soon too.

I’d love to see how these look on my friends who have fairer/darker skin tones as I think these nudie’s would be more visible and compliment those skins the best.

Will you be going nude this season?


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