5 Ways To Sustain A Long Distance Relationship.


Long distance relationships can be a challenging task at times. Whether you work away on business or a student living away from your partner. We all want to be in the same place as the one we love but sometimes things can get in the way and this is when you have to go the extra mile to express yourself. However, just because you can’t be with each other, doesn’t mean that you can’t be there for each other.


1. Trust

Trust is a huge part of a long distance relationship or any relationship in fact. If both you and your partner think that you are the one for each other then, this really can’t go wrong. Insecurities will be the end of a relationship if they are not kept at bay. There’s no need to start acting crazy and calling them every minute of the day because this will drive the both of you apart. Try sending a simple text during the day about how you are thinking of one another. Which brings me onto my next point…

2. Communication

You’re thinking how can you possibly survive a long distance relationship if you don’t talk to each other? If timing is an issue, such as being across the world, schedule times that you will call each other. I know this is organised but it will give you something to look forward to after a long day. Also, if you are unhappy with something happening in the relationship, don’t bottle it up! Say it. There’s nothing worse than a phone call you’ve been waiting for all day, to turn out to be a cold and tense one because one of you isn’t happy.

3. Time management

In between the busy schedules which are our lives, you need to make some time to speak to your loved one. Organising days in advance which you are both available to see each other is a key element to a successful relationship. This can get you through tough days at work or university; again giving you something to look forward to.


4. Honesty

This works along side with trust I think. If you’ve had sudden changes to work or university and can’t see each other, or you just are too tired to travel, ┬ájust be honest. Things aren’t as bas as they seem and days can be changed. Of course your partner will be upset, try and sympathise with them, things change. It just means that seeing each other after a long while will be all that more special.

5. Positivity

And last but not least, lucky number five. Being positive within a relationship can be a task when you haven’t seen that one person that makes you so happy. Hang in there. A negative attitude will only make you feel worse about not seeing each other and could even affect with your work life. Positive mental attitude is the way forward.

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