How an at-home blood & DNA test helped me to personalise my health

I always swore I’d never be one of those people who, come January 1st, denounced their current diet and exercise routine to pursue the ‘new year, new me’ mantra. However, after a tough few years in lockdown, with 3 kids and lack of routine, I found myself starting 2023 in a body I no longer felt connected to. I had worked myself into a position where I felt constantly stressed and drained of energy. Despite my exhaustion, I found myself unable to get a full night’s sleep, often having to function on 5-6 hours of broken sleep. This was impacting not just my work life, but my home life too. I felt like I wasn’t being the best parent to my children because I was always so burnt-out. I knew I needed to make a change, to take back control of my health, but was cautious of being sucked into the latest fad diet or new fitness craze and ending up even more dissatisfied and burnt out if it didn’t work for me. I had absolutely no idea where to start. 

I decided that I wanted to find out more about my body and what I was deficient in. That way, I could identify personal health goals to work on and create a more focused plan.

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In my search, I came across Vitl. Vitl offers a vitamin blood testing service so that you can find out the levels of vitamins you have in your body and what you might be lacking. A good start, I thought, but I was very impressed to discover that Vitl also offers a DNA test. This means that you can also find out what you could be deficient in based on your DNA predetermined traits. Following this, Vitl creates a tailor-made vitamin plan just for you, to address any imbalances. I must admit my scepticism crept in, but after reading more about Vitl and the scientific premise of the service, I was more than convinced to give it a go. Vitl’s service is one of quality, not quantity. While other companies I researched were offering testing of a large number of less well-researched traits, Vitl only covers traits that are based on the strongest, peer- reviewed evidence to ensure you are getting the most reliable results possible.

After reading through the reviews, my confidence grew further and I opted to try the premium bundle. Included in the premium bundle, I got a nutrition DNA test, a vitamin blood test, 6 months of personalised vitamins, and a free nutrition consultation with a fully-qualified dietician. If you do not want to commit to this to begin with, they also offer cheaper bundles which you can later build upon if you want to further personalise your vitamin pack.

LifestyleReviewer readers can exclusively save £150 on the premium bundle, £120 on the essential bundle or £40 on the starter bundle by clicking HERE.

VITL’s Blood Kit Test

At-home blood tests can be really daunting. However, Vitl provides easy to follow, step-by-step instructions for all tests, and everything you need to do the test safely and without fuss. The whole process was over in a matter of minutes and was totally fuss free, perfect if you find it difficult to get a spare minute from the kids like me! I was most impressed with the free health consultation. This lasted 15 minutes, and I not only got personalised advice about my deficiencies, but expert advice from a dietician on diet, exercise and most importantly my very own personalised vitamins to help me we the health issues that were specific to me.

It turned out I was deficient in B12 and at risk of becoming iron deficient. The dietician was really friendly, and explained my results to me in a way I could understand, and I didn’t feel like I was being judged for letting my health slip away from me. Following this, I received my first pack of personalised vitamins. All of Vitl’s vitamins are completely natural, free from fillers (Many high street brands bulk out their vitamins with extra ingredients that have no nutritional benefits. Vitl, on the other hand, use zero fillers or bulking agents, meaning 100% of the ingredients in your vitamins will help enhance your health and wellbeing.) and only contain the most pure and absorbable ingredients. This was really important for me as I didn’t want to pump my body full of nasties.

Within a week, I could already feel the difference. The first change I noticed was in my energy levels. I found that I was waking up each morning feeling brighter, with energy to make the most of the day. I can’t explain what an impact this has had on my life, I now have the energy to spend more time playing with my kids which in turn has the whole family happier (including myself!). I no longer feel so stressed all the time and I now sleep through the night without disturbance (except for my youngest clambering into my bed in the middle of the night!) I feel as though Vitl has helped me to reconnect with my body and learn how to nurture it properly. I don’t just feel the difference, I can see it too. I opted to take a second blood test recently, and my results showed improvements in all areas I was previously deficient. 

I felt implored to share my experience with Vitl and its service for anyone out there who may have worked themselves into a rut like me. Change is possible, and I can’t believe how easy it has been to achieve. I urge anyone reading this, who is considering going down the route of a personalised health plan (and those who are just hearing about it!) to try Vitl. They even have a number of amazing offers right now, where you can save £150 on the premium bundle, £120 on the essential bundle and £40 on the starter bundle! Give it a try, you might get your life back like me.

LifestyleReviewer readers can exclusively save £150 on the premium bundle, £120 on the essential bundle or £40 on the starter bundle by clicking HERE.

The end result – personalised vitamins!

This article contains a sponsored offer from VITL for LifestyleReviewer readers.

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