Incontinence after childbirth and how Jude gave me back bladder control

Having children and being a mother is undoubtedly the best and most rewarding thing I’ve done in my life. There is however one area of my life, as for many other women, in which it was not so good for: bladder health. It’s still such a taboo topic to discuss incontinence, but it is a problem that so many women like myself struggle with, particularly after giving birth or when going through the menopause. For me, those first few months with my newborn daughter were a magical whirlwind. But when the novelty began to wear off with time, and I had to return to work and the pressures of life, I began to realise the immense impact my bladder weakness was having on my life: The constant urge to use the toilet, the leaks during laughter, sneezing or exercise, the always having to plan ahead about when and where I would next be able to access a bathroom, the already sleepless nights with a newborn compounded by extra toilet trips. I felt as though everything I did, or wanted to do, was constrained by my bladder – from what I wore to where I went to what I drank and at what time I drank it. Initially, due to embarrassment, I, like so many other women, struggled with this alone for many years. I had spoken to my GP about it a few times, but felt dismissed, as they just told me to do more pelvic floor exercises, which didn’t seem to be working on their own (not to mention that I hated doing them!)

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But then, when I finally confided in my sister-in-law about my struggles, came a ray of hope: Jude’s bladder care supplement. My sister-in-law had not tried this product herself, but said her friend who had recently had her third baby and was prone to getting leaks had been raving about it. Now, I’m not usually one for vitamins, supplements and the like, but I was desperate and would try anything to free my life from the constraints of my weak bladder, so I decided to dig a little deeper. Jude are the number one business in the UK for bladder care supplements, and through reading their online reviews I could see they had already helped over 15000 women regain bladder confidence, winning several awards for their products along the way! The best part for me was that Jude’s bladder care supplement isn’t just a product, but they have built a whole community of women like me. Through my research, I found the “Jude and Friends” facebook group – a support network built for women to seek and share advice, share their incontinence journeys and find solidarity with others on the quest for better bladder health. They have created a vital support network which helps empower women through shared experiences. 

So, I took the plunge. Spoiler alert: I’ve never looked back. 

Within just over 2 months of taking Jude’s bladder care supplements I noticed drastic changes. I’d signed up to the quarterly subscription which I worked out was the cheapest on a “per pill” basis and also gave me enough time to see if it really worked. I was getting up to use the toilet far less frequently in the night, meaning I felt more rested and ready to tackle each day. My stress incontinence reduced from occurring daily to just a couple of times a week. The biggest change was mental. With my leaks under control, my confidence began to grow back and I was able to regain some normalcy in life. I can now throw myself into my day and do whatever I want to without worrying about how my bladder will hold up. I am able to spend time playing with my kids and don’t have to worry about what might happen if I jump about or if I’m out of the house with them all day. No more planning toilet stops when I go out. No more dark clothes. No more excessive use of pads. No more panic every time I need to cough or sneeze. No more limiting my water intake for fear of leaks. 

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Engaging in the Jude and Friends group has also helped me understand my own health so much better. I have connected with so many amazing women through it who have had similar experiences to me, and it has helped me feel less isolated in my struggles with bladder health. I no longer feel limited by my fear of leaks, nor ashamed to speak out about the issues so many women face every day.

To this day, I cannot  believe how easy it was. All I had to do was take a pill each morning and evening – a touch of simplicity that is not to be underestimated when you work full-time and have children. I no longer have to worry about setting aside hours in my week to practise my pelvic floor exercises and hope for improvement. One of my favourite things about  Jude’s bladder care supplement is that it is made from all natural ingredients, such as pumpkin seed extract and soy phytoestrogen. It  has been clinically proven to work in synergy with practical interventions (such as those dreaded but important kegel exercises) to not only strengthen pelvic muscles, but also to promote ‘normal’ bladder feelings.  Unlike prescription alternatives out there, the ingredients in Jude’s supplements are gentle on the body and don’t cause nasty side effects. Quite the opposite actually – I haven’t felt this good in years. 

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Incontinence should not define our lives as women. Jude’s bladder care supplement has been my beacon of hope, helping me reclaim control, confidence and comfort. If you’re tired of managing leaks and seeking to be able to get back to fully embracing life, I wholeheartedly recommend giving them a try. Jude’s bladder care supplements have been the most simple yet effective pathway to a life free from the restraints of bladder incontinence for me and so many others, as well as providing an extremely valuable support network for women everywhere. Come and join us in our journey to bladder bliss!

This article contains a sponsored offer from Jude for LifestyleReviewer readers.

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