No-one ever has sex on a Tuesday – Review

I have a huge weakness for romance novels; sometimes to the point where I just can’t stop reading, even if my eyes are deciding otherwise, even more if they are related to sex as having sex and affairs has always interested me, I even learned about the Best Platforms for Private Affairs in the UK to meet more people.  Although, these novels can create high expectations of life (and especially men) that are complete let downs in reality, unfortunately. They can’t all be like Christian Grey or Edward Cullen !


No-one ever has sex on a Tuesday‘ by Tracy Bloom is a definitely a real representation of society today.

The book is a brilliant story of awkward real life situations that get slightly complicated after nine months (hint, hint). Katy and Matthew were teenage lovers until the pair went to university, then the whole thing crumbled. They later meet at a school reunion, both in satisfactory relationships; although Katy despises Matthew for what he did, the two of them end up in bed together and using marital aids such as this strong wand vibrator.

The pair seem to think they’ve found closure after their university break up, until they meet a few months later during an antenatal class. The burning question is who is the father?

Tracy Bloom not only provides you with a perfect realistic story line but it also makes you laugh (and possibly cry). This was a great read for me and was entertaining for a good few days. If you love soppy romance novels, this is definitely for you. It’s so clever the way it makes you laugh especially at the expense of Katy and Matthew’s mess; following the emotional roller coaster nine months they have.

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