Reviewing Wild’s Rhubarb & Raspberry Scent and Electric Blue Case

If you haven’t made the switch to Wild natural deodorant yet, it’s time. I’ve been using Wild for just shy of 6 months now, and I’m never going back. This week, I even bought a second case in their gorgeous new electric blue colour with a Rhubarb & Raspberry refill to keep in my gym bag because I kept forgetting my purple Wild case at home. The Rhubarb & Raspberry is their brand new scent release for their core range and I ADORE it – it’s such an amazing scent – it’s super fresh and really brightens up my mornings as I get ready for the daily commute now we’re back in the office. I can’t get enough of it – I’d even go so far as to ask Wild to make a perfume of it! I’m so glad it’s a permanent addition (although I do love their limited edition scent releases too).

I’ve added this scent into my subscription, along with Fresh Cotton & Sea Salt and Sandalwood & Patchouli, and these arrived earlier this week – it feels like Christmas coming early when you see your Wild box drop through the letterbox. Honestly, you might not understand how or why someone can get so excited about deodorant, but once you come over to the Wild side, you’ll get it, I promise!

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The subscription is super convenient, and I save about 20% by being on it too. You just pick the scents you want, how often you want them, and you’re good to go! No risk of running out ever again! In my last trio pack delivery, I had selected Jasmine & Mandarin Blossom instead of the Rhubarb & Raspberry, but changing your scents so you get a different variety each time is super easy, and you can also delay deliveries with just a quick click or two if you haven’t quite finished up the refills you have already. Mine last around 6 weeks each, and I use them daily plus a couple of extra times a week if I’ve been working out. One of the craziest side effects of Wild (but the good kind of side effect) is that now, even if I sweat a lot, I don’t stink of BO! I still like to top up after the gym so I smell extra good though, but that’s mainly a force of habit.

Can you remember the last time someone said how pretty your personal hygiene products were, or let alone whether they could give your pits a whiff? Probably never, right? Get ready for a never-ending stream of compliments from anyone who uses your bathroom and sees your Wild standing proudly on the shelf:

“This looks awesome!”, “Where did you get this? I’ll totally get one once I’ve finished my current one”, “Surely it doesn’t smell this good after a full day – prove it..arms up!”. 

Wild have kindly given our readers 10% off by using our discount code BLUERHUB at checkout. Click here to check them out.

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Who knew something destined for your armpits could become a talking point? The cases really do look as good as they do in the photos online. So sleek, so stylish, and they’re just really well designed. You can refill and refill and refill until…well forever! You just wind the case back down to the start, push in the side buttons to slide out the bottom and remove the old refill sleeve which, by the way, is made from bamboo pulp so you can either home compost this or just recycle it with the paper recycling, and slot on your new refill. Rhubarb & Raspberry for me this time! Mmm – divine! It’s really wonderful to know you’re not consuming any single-use plastic with Wild, as well as avoiding toxic chemicals on your skin.

I remember learning about what was in normal roll-ons and antiperspirant sprays nearly a year ago and it’s crazy what we’ve been putting on our bodies without really thinking. The great thing about Wild is that the formula is nice and natural, with no harsh ingredients like aluminium salts. These salts were one of the worst things about my old sprays, because they clog up your pores and completely stop you sweating which isn’t healthy at all! Another thing I’ve noticed with Wild, and looking at the reviews and comments online, I’m not the only one, is that my armpits are a lot softer than before and the skin is just healthier overall – I can feel it! Who knew you needed to moisturise your armpits?! Wild does it for you thanks to coconut oil and sunflower seed wax. It’s like a little spa day under there! 

So here ends my review – 5 stars all the way through. There’s a zero-plastic waste, harsh chemical-free, super effective and undeniably stylish natural deodorant, it’s called Wild, and I’m a convert for life.

Wild have kindly given our readers 10% off by using our discount code BLUERHUB at checkout. Click here to check them out.

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