Oh Mama: Maternity Fashion Essentials

What should every soon-to-be mom have in her closet? And what are some of the most important garments that she just can’t live without? In order to answer these questions we tried to make a list of the essential pieces of clothing that every mommy should own. So read on to find out how to be a fashionable and hip mom and feel good and comfortable at the same time.

Keep Your Style

An important question that many women ask themselves is if they have to say goodbye to their former fashion style and condemn their life to an eternity filled with sweatpants and crocs. The answer is of course not. There is no need to abandon your former self just because you are with child. This only means that you will have to make some small changes or modifications. So whether you used to dress casual, formal or any other style, there is a variety of equivalent clothing articles for new moms. Tunics, some fashionable boots and leggings will always look cool. Dresses and skirts are like made for soon-to-be moms. They are comfy and can be found in different colors and patterns.

What to Buy

There are some essential things that every new mom should own. For example, a couple of loose and comfy dresses are a must have. They are easy to slip on and are quite comfortable. This goes also for skirts. A sleek pencil skirt can be worn with a simple t-shirt or a fancy blouse and it always looks great. Of course some maternity jeans are in order. Something simple and basic that you can wear every day. Don’t forget leggings. The best choice is something with a high waist. When talking about the upper body, a couple of simple t-shirts, tunics and cardigans are the best choice. Also make sure to invest in some quality shoes. The most important thing with shoes is to keep them simple and comfortable. Perhaps go for a size larger if you’re worried about swelling.

Where to Shop

Don’t think that you need to pay a load of cash in order to dress yourself. There are a bunch of second-hand shops and consignment stores that offer a great deal of fashionable maternity clothes. Also online shopping has been proven to be quite profitable. For instance, there’s loads of variety of maternity clothes in all shapes and sizes starting from tank tops and comfy jeans right to some maxi dresses and blazers.

Prove to yourself and others that pregnant can also be sexy and attractive. Use your maternity glow to your advantage and show off your new wardrobe. It is important to see that pregnant women can be fashionable, cool and hip and that they don’t need high heels or expensive clothes to prove it. The most important thing is to feel good in your own skin and the rest will come later. Don’t let others define your look and fashion sense, you know what you can pull off better than anyone.

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