Top 10 Ways Sunscreen is Helping You

Every time you go outside, you expose yourself to sun rays that can burn your skin and cause it to darken. The worst part is that these rays are invisible; it is impossible to tell whether you are at risk. Moreover, UV rays from the sun have been shown to damage your skin cells’ DNA causing genetic mutations, which can result in cancer of the skin. Fortunately, it is possible to protect your skin against the sun’s damaging effects using sunscreen. Here are the top 10 ways sunscreen is helping you:

1. The protective ozone layer isn’t functional anymore, and the body requires protection

The ozone layer shields our bodies from UV rays from the sun, which have been shown to cause cancer of the skin. However, due to harmful human activities on earth including emission of harmful substances from factories and cars, the ozone layer is constantly under threat of complete depletion. The only alternative now is to use sunscreen for protection.

2. The rates of skin cancer have increased

Applying sunscreen on your skin every day minimizes the amount of UV rays that come into contact with your body. This goes a long way to help decrease the risk of skin cancer development.

3. Sunscreen helps prevent skin discolouration

Scientists have proven that harmful rays from the sun can cause skin discolourations. This is bound to happen if you spend most of your time outdoors without wearing any skin protection. However, sunscreen provides your body with a protective coat, which makes harmful sun rays difficult to penetrate.

4. Sunscreen helps prevent brown spots on the face

You’ve probably come across people with facial brown spots. Just like skin discolorations, facial brown spots are caused by exposure to harmful sun rays. Professionals recommend protecting your skin from these rays by applying sunscreen every day. Remember to apply sunscreen even when indoors because remaining indoors doesn’t guarantee any safety.

5. Sunscreen helps minimise blotchiness

The best sunscreen for women is the one that can offer maximum protection and minimise the appearance of blotches as well as facial red veins. Usually, these two are caused by exposing your skin to harmful rays from the sun. Consider adding a protective sunscreen coat on your skin every day to protect yourself from these among other harmful effects.

6. Sunscreen slows down premature ageing of the skin

Recent research has confirmed the significance of the best sunscreen for women in slowing down premature aging of the skin and wrinkles development. Note that exposing your skin to the sun causes your skin to age prematurely. Also, if you don’t cover your skin in sunscreen every day, you are more likely to develop wrinkled skin.

7. Some medications increases risk of damage and sun burns

According to specialists, some medications can make your skin more susceptible to sun burns and damages. These might include acne, cardiovascular and anti-inflammatory medications. However, the best sunscreen for women will ensure that your skin remains protected at all times.

8. Sunscreen helps protect your DNA

The sun’s UV rays contain harmful protons that when they strike the skin, they are bound to damage the DNA of your cells. They are harmful in every way, and the best you can do is to protect your skin against them. Because they are not visible by the human eye, it is hard to tell whether you are at risk.

9. Sunscreen protects you from immunologic problems

Exposure to UV rays has been linked to immunologic complications. This happens because these rays disrupt the immune system of people making them susceptible to immune diseases. However, with the best sunscreen for women, it is difficult for UV rays to penetrate your skin.

10. Sunscreen protects you from painful burns

Usually, painful burns are caused by harmful sun rays, and they expose you to cancer of the skin. Exposing yourself to a longer UV wavelength only makes matter worse because the painful burns might result to a bigger complication. Sunscreen creates a protective barrier on your skin and makes it almost impossible for UV rays to penetrate.

Harmful sun rays have adverse effects on your body if you let them come into contact with your skin. They can cause skin cancer, damage DNA, premature skin aging, painful sunburns and immunologic complications. Be sure to add a protective sunscreen coat on your skin every day.

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