Why I spent a year finding the perfect Natural Deodorant

Wild Deodorant

For the last year I’ve been testing different natural deodorants to find one that I can switch to permanently without having to compromise on application, how well it works or how I smell at the end of the day.

The first thing to know is that it’s an absolute minefield out there. I tried crystals, I rubbed creamy deodorant on my armpits, I had allergic reactions, horrible smelling homemade concoctions and several stained tops. There were a few OK ones, some of the large US brands almost lasted a full day and the application was alright but they never worked as well as an antiperspirant and I wasn’t happy with the carbon footprint / plastic waste that I was causing.

Wild Natural Deodorant MultiPack

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I gave up after what felt like my 100th deodorant and went back to antiperspirants for a bit. Interestingly, after being natural for so long, antiperspirant felt really unhealthy. The idea that the toxins running through my body were being blocked from coming out in my sweat didn’t sit well with me at all. Additionally, I was already reading numerous articles about a possible relation between aluminium in antiperspirant and breast cancer. Whilst unproven, it seemed stupid to take the risk when I could easily not use chemical filled, toxic products and go back to natural. At the same time I didn’t want to have to compromise on the effectiveness of my deodorant so I grudgingly resumed my search.

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In late August this year my brother’s wife recommended me a natural deodorant brand made in the UK called Wild (wilddeo.com) which had just launched. At this stage, I was fairly sceptical but I bought one of their “Multi Packs” and promptly got three scents through the post. I’ve been using them for the last two months and am thrilled with the result. It’s by far the best natural deodorant I’ve come across; I had four boxes that I needed to be ticked and these guys tick all four. Here is my Wild Natural Deodorant Review:

Effectiveness: Arguably the most important bit – the deodorant needs to work. Wild lasts at LEAST 24 hours and also survived through a sweaty 35 degree holiday in Spain. It works through gym work outs, hiking and a number of other activities I’ve undertaken. I’m quite a smelly person so this was hugely satisfying for me. I apply one a day in the morning and that’s it. The BIG problem I’d previously found with natural deodorants is that most don’t work so finding one that not only works but works as well, if not better, than an antiperspirant was a big win for me.

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Application: Let’s face it, smothering deodorant on with our hands or rubbing crystals on our skin isn’t ideal. In fact, it’s pretty grim. I want to be leaving the gym or getting up for work and doing a few quick swipes with a stick deodorant that leaves no mess. I also want it to be comfortable to apply. Again, Wild smashes this out the park – you don’t have to put much on, it slides very smoothly onto the skin and doesn’t stain my clothes.

Smell / Scents: This is obviously slightly down to personal preference. I got all three of the scents (I didn’t get the unscented one). They all smell great, my favourite is probably the Rose & Geranium followed by the Mint & Eucalyptus. From their website, I understand that they are going to release a whole load of new scents when they release their refill model (see below) which I’m excited about. I’ve had tonnes of people commenting on how amazing I smell, some completely unprovoked and this is down to Wild.

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Sustainability: Now this is a big one for me personally. Like a lot of others, I don’t want to have a large carbon footprint and be smashing through single-use plastic all for the sake of my deodorant. Wild is currently produced in 100% recyclable plastic packaging which isn’t ideal BUT, and this is a big but and a huge personal thumbs up from me, they are moving to plastic free packaging next year. I actually emailed them to get some more info on this and they replied with the following:

“Hi Kirsty,

Thanks so much for getting in touch and of course I’m happy to provide you with some more information! Sustainability is absolutely at the core of what we stand for. In fact, we built this company to try and remove single use plastic from the bathroom. We’re starting with our Wild deodorant but will move to create other plastic free bathroom products down the line.

We’ve invested very heavily (pretty much every penny we have) this year into creating a refill model which we’ll be launching in early 2020. This consists of a bespoke aluminium casing which you’ll receive on your first order followed by refills with the scents of your choice that will come packaged in cardboard. The design of the casing means the cardboard won’t come apart in your bathroom and it also means we’ll completely cut out single use plastic which is hugely exciting for us.”

I love that Wild are so determined to be sustainable and this coupled with them being the best Natural Deodorant I’ve tried, is why I’m a converted Wild deodorant fan for life.

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This article contains a sponsored offer from Wild.

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