Why the ‘Fear Nothing Blood Test’ from Numan may be the best thing you do for your health this year

I’ve always been a sporty guy, and would generally consider myself as being pretty healthy. I play football with a group of other dads twice a week and have some free weights set up in my garage which I escape to whenever I can (to get a bit of peace and quiet from the kids usually!) But now that I’ve reached the ripe age of 45, I’m becoming more and more aware of how my body feels, and that I can’t keep up with my boys like I used to. Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about the future, and how I can best ensure I stay fit and healthy to be around as long as possible for my family.

Here’s the thing, I knew that I wanted to optimise my health, but I didn’t know where to start. There are so many options out there, and google searches mostly bombarded me with offers for a bunch of pills, vitamins, fad diets and discounted gym memberships. Like I said, I’m a fairly slim guy and I feel like I am pretty healthy, but that’s not quite the same as knowing I’m healthy. I was looking for advice that was specific to me, I didn’t just want to be told the usual ‘eat less, move more’ tagline – I wasn’t simply aiming to lose weight. How can I prevent future health problems? Is my diet and exercise actually having a positive impact on my body? Do the vitamin supplements my wife makes me take every morning actually do anything? (believe it or not, this last question has actually been the source of many arguments in my house).

I first read about at-home blood test kits a few months ago in an article someone had written about their experience getting help with erectile dysfunction. They had said that after almost two years of suffering with this issue, it turned out that their problem was fuelled by Testosterone depletion. How did they find this out? Not through seeing their doctor, but a home blood test kit. I didn’t even realise such things existed, but with a little further research, I came across the Fear Nothing Blood Tests (aimed at optimising general health, however vein this may be, I feel the need to point out that -luckily- I don’t have any issues down there). The tests assess things such as cholesterol levels and organ function to show you how well your body is performing on the inside. So, I decided to give it a go, and here is my honest review.

The first thing that I think is excellent about The Fear Nothing Blood Test Kit is that it enables you to keep track of your health in your own time and the process is so much faster than going through the NHS. Usually, you can only get a blood test through your GP if you have a valid existing health concern. You have to wait to see a GP, then wait to be referred to a phlebotomist, then take time off to schedule and travel to see them. Even then, you only get tested for your specific concern. Testing your blood at home not only means that you don’t have to take time off work to go to the doctors or phlebotomist, meaning you can have your results in as little as 3-5 business days (my results only took 3 days to come back). Moreover, the Fear Nothing test can flag up any issues which may not be related to your primary concern, as it screens for up to 21 different biomarkers so you can get a full health overview. There is also no need for a follow up with a doctor, you are sent a personalised report of your results and what actions you can take, which is very accessible for those, like myself, who find all the medical jargon difficult to understand. The review is also conducted by one of Numan’s in-house clinicians, based in the UK, and the testing labs are UKAS accredited so you know you can trust the service you’re getting.

Secondly, I wanted to point out how easy I found the process of actually taking my own blood. Personally, I am terrified of needles and have been all my life. I think one of my lowest points as a father was when we were getting jabs as a family so we could go on a Safari holiday to South Africa, and my two sons (6 and 8 at the time) sat laughing in hysterics at me visibly shaking at the thought of having an injection, when they had taken theirs like champs moments before. For this reason, I HATE blood tests, and the mere thought of having a PICC line inserted in my arm makes me squirm. For the Fear Nothing Blood Test, all you have to do is use the provided lancet to prick one of your fingertips – you can’t even see the needle! Even I could manage that. Then you massage the blood out of your finger until you’ve filled the vial up to the line. No giant needles hanging out of your arm. No giant test tubes brimming with your blood. No horrible tourniquet cutting off the blood supply to your arm – a dream.

I found using Fear Nothing extremely helpful in my quest to manage and optimise my health. It has given me the power to monitor my health long-term, and has enabled me to create specific goals to work towards so I can make informed and targeted adjustments to my routine, rather than overhauling my entire lifestyle. It also gave me a great insight into any future health concerns that may arise. For example, my father suffered a small heart attack a few years back and was subsequently diagnosed with heart disease – understandably this is something I am concerned about for myself. My Fear Nothing test reported that my Cholesterol levels were slightly elevated – nothing to worry about, but it motivated me to lower my cholesterol to avoid ending up in the same position as my father. I’m hoping that my next test in 6 months time will show I was successful! This is what I mean about the peace of mind actually knowing you’re healthy can bring. I guess this would be great for fitness fanatics who take lots of supplements and have long term health goals – this service would be perfect for tracking and optimising them. Funnily enough, my test also revealed that the vitamin D supplement my wife forces me to take actually was doing its job (though I haven’t told her obviously, I’d never live it down). One thing I wouldn’t recommend is doing a test kit right after Christmas, as that did little more than make me feel bad about myself!

I really can’t recommend ‘Fear Nothing Blood Tests’ enough, it has revolutionised the way I manage my health and has given my and my family peace of mind in my future. By the way, you get your money back if they don’t find anything of concern! I would urge anyone reading this to give it a go, you literally have nothing to lose – You either get important information about your health (which you might not have otherwise found out until it was too late) or you get peace of mind and a refund. I think I’ve rambled on long enough…so stop wasting time reading this and go and try a Fear Nothing Blood Test!

If you’d like to try Numan’s Fear Nothing Blood Test Click HERE to visit their website. Remember you can claim your money back within 90 days of purchasing your first test if no flags are found!

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