5 Top Tips For Christmas Preparation

With just little over 1 month until Christmas, many of you will be wondering how to prepare, effectively, for the big day. Whether it is the picky eater, the choosy children or the undecided teenager you are shopping for this year, I have you well covered with how to get around those tricky tasks and have stress free Christmas preparations.

(I say stress free, what is Christmas without a bit of last minute shopping and wine!).

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Tip 5: Make a list

To do lists, task lists, food lists, present lists…

The amount of lists you will prepare are absolutely endless therefore it is important to get them right the first time. My tips for lists will differ a little dependent on the type however, you can adapt the rules to suit your preferences.

  1. Always ensure that when making a list your writing is clear and you can understand it! There is nothing worse than having a list of things to do or buy and your writing looks as if you had written it with the tip of a blunt crayon. Help yourselves out by buying a black or blue pen and lined notebook! Write clearly and your day will be so much easier.

Tip 4: Online shopping is your best friend!

Why walk around for 10 hours searching for the ‘supposed’ best gifts and treats for Christmas?

Having done all my Christmas shopping online last year I truly believe online shopping is the most relaxing way to shop.

Crisps to my left, hot chocolate to my right and my laptop in front of me felt like a shopping date at Costa Coffee rather than the once, very stressful Christmas shopping routine.

Tip 3: Be organised

(Links best to tip 5)

With the time ticking away (quite quickly) until Christmas, if you are not organised now, get organised! This means:

  1. Working out the best days you can go shopping. Unfortunately the weekends are always notorious shopping days for everyone – whatever the time of the year therefore think of another day. Weekday? Lunch break? After work? Even if it is a quick window shop as you pass through the high street take the time to pick up some Christmas ideas.
  2. Organise a list which you will understand (refer to Tip 5)
  3. Do not over stress out – shopping need not be a stressful task if you take your time and relax. There is no point in waiting in the line for a particular toy for 3 hours if you are dehydrated and haven’t eaten since 12. If you finding waiting stressful try an alternative way of shopping e.g. Online, Home delivery from a catalog (refer to Tip 4)

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 Tip 2: The Advent calendar 

The calendar which is opened each event to mark the countdown of the 25th December each year. Dependent on the age of anyone with an advent calendar why not make your own this year:

Adults with a sweet tooth – Why not add a touch of alcohol chocolate to your advent and make the countdown till Christmas even more exciting?

Anyone with a health aim Have you considered adding boiled fruit sweets to your advent calendar instead of chocolate?

Children – Chocolate maybe the tradition however other treats can act as a substitute: Gluten free biscuit squares, boiled sweets and little gifts.

Tip 1: When does the tree go up?

The closer to Christmas the better!

Everyone will have different preferences so really, this up to you. I would just be careful of overshadowing another event before Christmas such as a birthday because no one wants to be outshined by a massive dancing Santa.

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