Refillable, Natural Body Wash by Wild – A Review

After I saw Wild’s new refillable, natural Body Wash advertised on Instagram, I thought about the hundreds, if not thousands, of plastic body wash bottles I’d thoughtlessly discarded throughout my life. It’s one of those things you are unlikely to notice, but when considered, the weight of it is overwhelming. I was instantly intrigued and set out to do more research before purchasing. This led me down a rabbit hole to discover that there is really nothing like this on the market. The existing eco alternatives to single-use plastic body wash are either a larger plastic pouch that you decant into a bottle (pointless?) or putting on your lab goggles and coat to become a scientist and mix powders/concentrates with water. There is nothing that rivals the ease and comfort of a standard body wash on the shelves. 

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My pink aluminium case and Coconut & Vanilla scent both arrived in simple, yet fun and informative, cardboard packaging. The pink case is finished to a high quality and looks quite beautiful in comparison to the drab, lifeless plastic products in my bathroom that are half-squeezed and falling over. Assembling the product is intuitive, with helpful instructions printed on the box and easy to find online. The refill itself is a unique innovation: it’s 100% plastic-free and made from compostable materials such as bamboo starch and other plant (potato) starches which are leftover after the production of crisps and other similar products. Upon inspection, the refill feels really sturdy and you would never think it’s made from production waste – what a clever product! Another intriguing point is that the refill itself has a use-by date printed on the neck. Much like food, as the refill is made from such natural materials, it will start to break itself down after a certain date. There should be more than enough time to get through the body wash inside before this happens and I think this really demonstrates how unique and game-changing this product is. 

Wild have given me an affiliate link – use code EMILYBW for an additional 15% off at checkout or CLICK HERE!

After assembling, I found myself with that giddy ‘new phone’ feeling that comes with treating yourself to a new product, which is definitely a good sign. I almost wanted to have a second shower that day just to try it out, but I patiently waited until the next morning to take my new Body Wash for a spin. The product is dispensed by pump and comes out as a silky smooth clear liquid. It lathered up quickly and beautifully, with the subtle sweet coconut and vanilla scent filling up my bathroom. I was impressed with how far the product stretched as two pumps were more than enough to cover my whole body comfortably and feel squeaky clean after! The formula is not harsh or abrasive and leaves your skin feeling clean yet moisturised. It’s definitely a premium shower experience and you can’t compare it to your £1 shower gel on the clearance aisle. I stepped out of the shower with my skin feeling refreshed as if I had been to a nice spa or hotel – I could get used to this! The product is supposed to last 4-6 weeks with daily use and I’ve been using it for around 3 weeks and still going strong. 

Wild have given me an affiliate link – use code EMILYBW for an additional 15% off at checkout or CLICK HERE!

Having that spa-fresh feeling every morning, whilst knowing you aren’t contributing to any harmful impact on the planet, has been a wonderful touch to elevate my usually mundane morning routine. It’s these little things that make a difference, and Wild’s Body Wash is certainly worth the money and hype. The case is a £9 one-off purchase that will last you for life. The refills are £6 on subscription and £7 off subscription, and for 350ml of a premium, natural formula that isn’t leaving anything behind on the planet, that feels reasonable, especially in comparison to what I spend on other “cosmetic” products. When compared to The Bod Shop’s 250ml body wash coming in at £8 and in plastic, Wild’s offering is a bargain and a no-brainer. I have now signed up for a subscription that not only saves me over 15% on the body wash refills, but it also means I don’t have to think about anything at all and it will automatically show up on my doorstep at my chosen time intervals. The joys of modern technology! I am looking forward to trying out Fresh Cotton & Sea Salt and Jasmine & Mandarin Blossom in my upcoming subscription, although I have been loving the Coconut & Vanilla. It’s delicate and sweet, not too overpowering, and the right level of freshness that you want from a body wash. 

All in all, I couldn’t be happier that the Instagram algorithm gods targeted me with an advert for Wild’s Body Wash – I’m never looking back!

Wild have given me an affiliate link – use code EMILYBW for an additional 15% off at checkout or click here!

Wild have given me an affiliate link – use code EMILYBW for an additional 15% off at checkout or CLICK HERE!

This article contains a sponsored offer from Wild for LifestyleReviewer readers.

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