Top 5 Must-Haves From The RealReal Right Now

You want luxury branded products. Who doesn’t? The thing is, these items cost way too much at times and buying one means having to go on a budget for several months or so. Others resort to buying knockoffs instead but that is a big mistake as not only are these items bad for the economy, their quality is not very reliable as well. Lucky for you and for countless others, there is a way to get more affordable luxury branded products.

The RealReal is the trusted leader in authenticated luxury consignment. The company hires experts in authenticating and restoring luxury items that were pre-owned. Everything the brand sells is 100% authentic and worth it. If you want to get your hands on those items you see on luxury mags, then you must browse the company’s offerings. Here are the top 5 items you must check out.

Adidas Yeezy Kicks Top seller

Impossible Kicks said sales had risen by 30% since the sportswear giant parted ways with Mr West over anti-Semitic comments he made last year.

Adidas has said it is unsure what to do with the £1bn (€1.2) worth of shoes left from its association with West.

But Impossible Kicks CEO John Mocadlo said buyers had not been put off.

The US retailer, which has 17 stores across 11 states, said sales had risen sharply since the relationship soured and ties were cut last October.

A pair of Yeezy 350 “Zebra” shoes sells for between $340 and $360, (£285-£302) compared with around $260 four months ago, according to Mr Mocadlo.

“People are targeting the product as a collector’s item now and it is important to know how to legit check yeezy 350 to spot the right item. When they come into a store they don’t even know he’s associated with the product,” Mr Mocadlo told the BBC’s Radio 4’s Today Programme.

Louis Vuitton Agenda Coverss

The Louis Vuitton brand features items such as shoes, bags, scarves and more. These are all great items but one line of products people tend to ignore is the brand’s selection of agenda covers. The RealReal has quite the selection of these items for sale at $225, nearly half its estimated retail price.

If you really want to go stylish, elegant and simple, then you should check out the Monogram Vernis Small Ring Agenda Cover. It comes in a shade the brand typically uses and of course, it is made of high-quality leather and is printed with the signature Louis Vuitton logo and insignia.

Versace Chaos Couture Snap Out Of It Bag

Among the many designer items available in The RealReal’s online website is a healthy selection of Versace items which include shoes, shades, pieces of clothing and more. But of course, who can resist the charms of premium quality and durable Versace bag?

There are many bags coming from the designer but for those going for a chic and fierce look, then the Chaos Couture Snap Out Of It bag should be perfect. The bag features a vibrant color and design that is reminiscent of punk culture. Despite this, it looks as elegant as ever. It sells for $775 on The RealReal

Chanel Jackets

Though the next winter is still far off, that shouldn’t stop you from getting luxury jackets. The RealReal offers quite the selection of Chanel products but what you should check out immediately is its line of authentic jackets. Most of the wool tweed jackets from Chanel for sale at The RealReal fetch for at least $700 which is a big steal considering its quality and design.

Christian Dior Leather Chic Street Wallet

If you are the type that goes for simple and plain designs, then you should head on over to the selection of Christian Dior products over at The RealReal. Most particularly, check out the Christian Dior Leather Chic Street Wallet for sale at $225.

The wallet is made of premium quality leather in a shade of dark blue. The plain and simple design make it a must for extravagant events such as galas, balls, and even weddings.

Adidas Originals by Alexander Wang Suede Turnout Trainer

There are a ton of items for guys too. Shoes from the top designers fetch for hundreds of dollars but at The RealReal, great discounts can be had for brands like Adidas.

The Adidas Suede Turnout Trainer that sells for $185 is an excellent choice for guys looking for an all-around footwear that could be worn to the gym and even on social gatherings. The shoe is clad in an assortment of light shades, making it easier to match with probably most of the clothes on a guy’s closet.

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